Healthy Feet.

‘Confining footwear can lead to tense and foreshortened feet. Constrictive footwear limits the blood flowing in and out of the foot and cramps the bones of the feet together, resulting in compacted and clenched musculature not just in the foot but also on up through the body’.Tias Little, Yoga Teacher Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. Every so often, it's a good idea to make your feet the...


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Online Yoga

Keeping connected in times of need... Covid-19 has created a great deal of upheaval for all of us. As a certified Iyengar teacher I know yoga practice can boost resilience and reduce stress levels to support us during these challenging times. For these times, when you are unable to practice at the studio and attend your usual class...


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Pranayama Beginners Workshop

Prana means energy or breath, Ayama means extension and expansion of the breath without exertion.

View the Flyer "Everyone desires more life energy. If energy could be packaged and sold in a shop, it would be the most successful business ever. Merely talking about energy excites and energises people. Where can we get it, people want to know. Well, not in packets and not in shops because it is, first, everywhere and, second, free of charge”. Light On Life, B.K.S. Iyengar. Many of us fall ...


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Iyengar Vinyasa Flow Sequences

Introducing Iyengar Vinyasa Flow practice. The benefits of practicing in this way; 1. Increase your circulation. This practice is a yoga cardiovascular workout, warming up the whole body. Improving blood circulation to support the immune system. 2. Lengthen and tone your muscles. Sun Salutations include forward bends to lengthen the...


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A workshop for women

Learn how a focused and balanced yoga practice can support us through the ages and stages of our lives, from menstruation and PMT, to menopause and beyond.Whatever stage you are at in your life, this workshop will provide you with information and practices you can use every day.The workshop will include active and restorative asana, pranayama (breathing practices), and a guided relaxation. Worksho...


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Restorative Yoga

Easing Fatigue and Stress

This sequence can help counteract the effects that long term fatigue can have on posture as well as physical and emotional stress. You will find yourself feeling calm, deeply refreshed and feel energy starting to build from within. Restore yoga for Fatigue This deeply restorative sequence moves from a seated meditation to gentle stretches to supported yoga asanas to allow for all s...


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Sit up straight. Stand up straight!

I know I sound like your mum.  But this is not frivolous advise, it is fundamental, it is crucial and vital that you integrate good posture into everything you do. The more I study and learn the more I realise, keep it simple and return to the basics; That hot outfit… cant’ undo poor posture. Digestive aids from the chemist... can...


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Yoga For Sports People

Yoga is a supplementary exercise

Many athletes are turning to yoga as a supplementary exercise routine to fix the imbalances in their body and to improve their performance in their chosen field of sport. Yoga enhances every sport. Most activities are muscle building and shortening, yoga is lengthening the muscles. To build strength requires flexibility, the two are not mutually exclusive, they are symbiotic. ...


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