Term 1 - 2020 Schedule

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Yoga Schedule
Class bookings are essential as limited space available. The term fee covers 10 week term and is not transferrable to other students, terms or holiday classes. If you are unable to make your scheduled class, txt/ph and I will arrange space in another class.

TUESDAY 28 Jan - 7 April 11 weeks
6am-7.15am / 9am-10.15am / 5.30pm-6.45pm - Fee: $176.00

WEDNESDAY 29 Jan - 8 April 11 weeks
5.30pm-6.45pm RESTORE CLASS - Fee: $176.00

THURSDAY 30 Jan - 9 April (No class Waitangi Day, 6 Feb) 10 weeks
9am-10.15am / 5.30pm-6.30pm VINYASA FLOW CLASS - Fee: $160.00

SATURDAY 1 Feb - 4 April 10 weeks
7am-8.15am / 8.45am-10am - Fee: $160.00

MONDAY 3 Feb - 6 April (No class Anniversary Day 27 Jan) 10 weeks
5.30pm-6.45pm - Fee: $160.00

CORE&BACKBENDS COMBO FLOW, to address the slump!

This flow focuses on the upper back region to loosen the stiffness there. Engaging the muscles, bones and connective tissue in the thoracic area, post practice you will feel better range of motion in the shoulders, neck, arms and hands. Prepare with a sequence of Sun Salutes at all times checking and engaging the core (spinal muscles and abdominal muscles). Backbend sequence will be followed by legs lifts to further strengthen the abdominal muscles. Class will be sealed with Savasana.


This strong fluidly paced class focuses on opening the hips using standing poses linked together with sun salutations to create heat and elasticity in the hip joints. Following the standing sequence we will go to the floor for supine poses spinal and hip release sequence, this class will conclude with shoulder stand/legs up the wall and a 10 minute savasana.


Let’s get outside and up the hill. Focusing on the proper technique for walking as we head up the hill and come back down. Overlapping our yoga technique to our most important form of movement, how we walk. We will return to the studio for a sequence of asana that will lengthen the hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteal region. This sequence is just in time, preparing you for all the long summer beach walks. Props: Walking shoes.


The challenge with abdominal toning asanas is to practice without tightening or causing constriction. Your muscles work synergistically to bring stability and support to your pelvis and lower back. Rather than the classical "core crunches", explore planks, leg lifts and boat poses. Counter with supported backbend, twist and inversion.


Relieve tension in the neck and shoulders with these asanas/arm variations. This practice is a necessary antidote to the stress that accumulates in the neck and shoulders due to our modern lifestyles. Learning how to position your shoulder girdle to create stability, and open and lift the chest. Props Needed: strap, wall, chair optional.

Includes 15 minute audio for home practice. Recommend 2 home practices per week.


Release the excess tension in your IT band, outer hips and quads. Help your body recover from the demands of everyday activity & sport. Tight legs & hips will be extended and strengthened. The blood will circulate in the legs and hips where the nerves are rejuvenated. If you suffer stiffness in the hip joints, sciatica or general back ache this practice will be beneficial. Otherwise this practice will help develop the legs properly. Props: wall, strap, blanket. I would recommend 2 home practices per week. Fee: $35.00.


This 1-hour workshop will teach you how to practice inversions at home. Includes a home practice sheet & audio for a 30 minute home practice. Inverted poses offer many benefits; they support circulation of the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems, stimulates oxygenated blood supply to the brain, rejuvenating and nourishing the brain cells. Stimulates oxygenated blood supply to the chest & neck area, supporting respiratory health & metabolism.


Inversions are vital to the maintenance of general physical and mental health. Practice inversions for a resilient nervous system so that you are more effective in times when you feeling fatigued, not sleeping well, stressed or have a lot on your plate. They will leave you feeling refreshed, energised and focused. Only for students who practice inversions in regular classes at Pukekohe Yoga. Includes: 30 minute audio. Fee $35.00.


Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) its the name of the deep state of relaxation your body will enter, the thinking mind becomes quiet, & the consciousness awareness becomes alert. Straddle the two worlds of wakefulness and sleep. In this deep place you rejuvenate cells & sooth the nervous system.

Benefits; Deep form of relaxation, beyond normal experience. Stress reduction. Leaves you feeling balanced & peaceful. Helps with sleepless nights. Put meditation audio on for a 20 minute Power Nap in the middle of the day, the brain can reorganise itself, body rejuvenates and you will be more productive for the rest of day.

The 20 minute audio will allow you to download and utilise this practice in the comfort of your own home.