Healthy Feet.

‘Confining footwear can lead to tense and foreshortened feet. Constrictive footwear limits the blood flowing in and out of the foot and cramps the bones of the feet together, resulting in compacted and clenched musculature not just in the foot but also on up through the body’.Tias Little, Yoga Teacher Santa Fe, New Mexico USA.

Every so often, it's a good idea to make your feet the primary focus throughout a whole yoga practice.

Virasana and Malasana are practiced regularly at Pukekohe Yoga as they have such a positive effect on the functioning of the feet.Healthy feet will have a positive postural impact.These two poses are essential for creating space and building stability in the feet, thereby energising the legs to support proper posture.

The key to healthy functioning feet, is to release the clenched musculature in the feet by opening them up to create space in the skin, muscles and connective tissues that join the 26 bones of each foot together.


Virasana is a pose that’s worth practicing regularly.This pose stretches the tops of the feet, ankles and shins, balancing the effect of walking, running and cycling. It also encourages strong and healthy arches.


For many of us squatting is not part of everyday life.And yet we perform squatting motions everyday getting up out of a chair, sitting down in a car,picking something up off the floor, or gardening so Malasana is extremely relevant.Feel how it opens up the soles of your feel and strengthen your arches.