Pranayama Beginners Workshop

Prana means energy or breath, Ayama means extension and expansion of the breath without exertion.

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"Everyone desires more life energy. If energy could be packaged and sold in a shop, it would be the most successful business ever. Merely talking about energy excites and energises people. Where can we get it, people want to know. Well, not in packets and not in shops because it is, first, everywhere and, second, free of charge”. Light On Life, B.K.S. Iyengar.

Many of us fall into unhealthy patterns of breathing, the two extremes most often seen are:

1 Shallow breathing is observable as a tensing of the throat as the muscles of the neck and shoulders contract to lift the rib cage in an attempt to get more air. This is often associated with a tense abdomen as well.

2 Belly breathing or ‘bloating’ of the abdomen. This happens when the chest muscles are inflexible so that there is no expansion of the rib cage, the expanding force of the lungs is directed downwards to the abdomen.

In this workshop you will learn the beginning stages of a Complete Yogic Breath. We learn to channel the breath to all regions of the ribcage, and more effectively aerate all parts of the lungs.

Overthinking and negative emotions disrupt the body’s natural state of well-being, and disrupt the energy flow through the body.

Pranayama is a meditative practice. "Being aware of your breath forces you into the present moment. Conscious breathing stops your mind.” A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle.

The Beginners Pranayama Workshop

Who is this workshop for?

Do you want to check you are breathing correctly?
Do you experience stress related symptoms such as digestive disorders, sleep problems and anxiety?
Do you want to deepen your meditation practice, to quieten your mind and become more focused?

Preparation for workshop

Try not to eat a large meal beforehand.
Wear comfortable clothes.

Workshop will be held:

Dates published in 2020
Thursday Evening, 6.45pm-7.45.
Pukekohe Yoga Studio.
Mob 0274 387 116.
Starts after the Thursday evening Flow class. Arrive anytime after 6.30pm.
Fee: $40.00 (paid in class or direct 020404 0032404 30).

Pranayama Home Practice

this workshop includes a 20 minute Pranayama audio, so you can practice in your own time.