Sit up straight. Stand up straight!

I know I sound like your mum.  But this is not frivolous advise, it is fundamental, it is crucial and vital that you integrate good posture into everything you do.

The more I study and learn the more I realise, keep it simple and return to the basics;

That hot outfit… cant’ undo poor posture.

Digestive aids from the chemist... can’t undo the compression poor posture has on the digestive system.

Anti-ageing creams…can’t undo the lines in your upper chest caused by a collapsed chest and hunched back.

All the "I love myself "affirmations... can’t undo the defeated appearance of poor posture.

The body wants to be healthy, give it what it needs, sit up straight and stand up straight, so it can self repair and heal and give you all the energy and joy you deserve.

Yoga classes taught at Pukekohe Yoga emphasis good postural alignment.  Your body will move through a full range of motion, to help undo your poor postural habits.